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Robert Plant recalled that Led Zeppelin's big reunion show back in 2007 was originally going to include yet another Cream reunion as well. While promoting the November 19th release of Zeppelin's Celebration Day CD/DVD release, Plant explained that Eric Clapton was also on board to help pay tribute to late Atlantic Records co-founder, Ahmet Ertegun.


Plant shed light on the long road to Zeppelin finally reuniting on December 10th, 2007 at London's O2 Arena -- a show which also originally featured a set by the Who's Pete Townshend: "And, um, also, (Eric) Clapton was going to do something, he was going to put Cream back together. I think we were going to do the Albert Hall initially, and then, y'know, things change. And then somebody suggested we go to a bigger venue -- and then it became what it became."

  • The now-legendary London reunion show is finally being documented with the November 19th release of Celebration Day, which was recorded and filmed at the O2 Arena show. The concert film will be released on CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc through Swan Song/Atlantic Records.
  • Zeppelin guitarist also recently confirmed that he's remastering all nine Led Zeppelin albums, with each set being readied as deluxe, expanded editions featuring, "extra music and bonus material."


  • Would a Cream reunion have made that show even more spectacular, or -- since that band has always done a reunion -- would it have taken away from the singular event of Led Zeppelin reuniting?
  • Has this one show been too overblown, or is there no such thing when it comes to a fabled act like Zeppelin?

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Zeppelin perform "Kashmir" in an excerpt from Celebration Day:

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