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Kiss is back with it's 20th album, Monster, which was co-produced by Paul Stanley. Stanley spoke to Rolling Stone about the new set and also touched upon the fact that Kiss has once again failed to make the shortlist for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. When asked if it bothered him, Stanley said, "No, because I think it's so transparent. You have the East Coast music Mafia -- they are clearly more motivated by each other than reality. Filling their criteria is leaving them at this point some pretty slim pickings. Would we accept? Of course, because it matters to our fans. So, I would be gracious. But honestly, it means nothing to me. My life is far beyond anything I could have anticipated and will continue to be so without a new doorstop."


The latest lineup of Kiss features drummer Eric Singer and lead guitarist Tommy Thayer dressed as original members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley, respectively. Stanley was asked if he has any contact with the Kiss co-founders: "No. It's not out of animosity. It just has no point in my life today. Safe to say, the band wouldn't be here without those guys having been in it. The band also wouldn't be here today if those guys were still in it. I respect and love what we created together, but that was a long time ago."

  • Stanley spoke about how his early influences helped inform the sound of Monster: "I wanted to make an album that really hearkened back to why I got into this in the first place. I was lucky enough as a kid to spend most of my weekends at the Fillmore East. On a great night, that was like a Holy Roller evangelical church. When rock n' roll is done with that fervor, it's close to gospel. That's what I wanted to go for with this album -- passion as opposed to perfection. James Brown wasn't perfect. Motown, the Beatles, the (Rolling) Stones, (Led) Zeppelin, early Elvis (Presley) -- I wanted to maintain the essence of it, getting a first, second or, if you really had to push it, a third take and record on analog tape and capture the intensity of what you're doing, and not compromise it."
  • Paul Stanley told us that he wanted Monster to contain everything that he loved and admired about his favorite records growing up: "I'd like to think that the bands that you are influenced and inspired by doesn't necessarily mean that you mimic them. It means that their passion, or their approach is inspirational. So, whether its gospel, or Motown -- it all is music of passion. And that's what I think we wanted to and I wanted to see us channel was the passion and the fervor that all the music I loved had. Y'know, its not about perfection -- it's about passion."
  • On October 31st, Kiss kicks off its "Kiss Kruise" in Miami aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line, Norwegian Pearl.


  • Monster, which is the Kiss' first original studio set since 2009's Sonic Boom, is the second to feature their latest lineup of Gene Simmons on bass, Paul Stanley on rhythm guitar, Eric Singer on drums, and lead guitarist Tommy Thayer. Also, like Sonic Boom, Monster features no songs from outside writers.
  • As with Sonic Boom, production duties were handled by Stanley and Greg Collins. Collins is best known for his mixing and engineering work for such artists as U2, No Doubt, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others.


  • What do you think keeps Kiss out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:
  • Their constant and needless bragging about their accomplishments???
  • The fact that they're perceived by the rock elite as having "made it' on the strength of a gimmicky live show???
  • The lack of substantial radio hits???
  • The amount of times they've publicly said that they don't care about the Rock Hall???

CHECK IT OUT: Kiss last month performing "Lick It Up" live in New Jersey:

Paul Stanley On Influences

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