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Green Day announced on Monday (October 8th) that the band was canceling its scheduled performance at the Voodoo Music and Arts Experience in New Orleans on October 27th. No specific reason was given, but it's likely that it is tied to frontman Billie Joe Armstrong's recent entrance into rehab. In a statement, drummer Tre Cool said, "Canceling shows is something we rarely do. We never want to let our fans down, and we are grateful for all of you being understanding during this time."

Meanwhile, bassist Mike Dirnt spoke to BBC Radio One about Armstrong, who sought treatment for substance abuse last month following his profanity-filled meltdown at a radio festival in Las Vegas on September 21st. Dirnt confirmed that the band had canceled all promotional appearances for its new album Uno! because "we had to put the life of our friend in front of everything."

  • Dirnt explained that the pressure surrounding the arrival of the new album played a role in Armstrong's breakdown, saying, "It was a tremendous undertaking . . . it catches up with you a little bit. We definitely jumped off a moving train." He added, "There were signs of things hitting the fan -- we hadn't slept in forever."
  • The bass player revealed that he hasn't seen Armstrong "in weeks" since the frontman entered rehab, the longest stretch in the past 20 years that he has not spent time with his bandmate.
  • Dirnt said he was confident that Armstrong would recover and added that the band was "getting ready for the next phase," which involved the arrival of a second new album, Dos!, on November 13th.
  • Uno! was released on September 25th and debuted a week later at Number Two on the Billboard album chart, selling 139,000 copies in its first week.
  • So far there are no indications that Green Day plans to cancel its upcoming North American tour, which will begin on November 26th in Seattle.

In other news, Billie Joe Armstrong made his debut on Monday night (October 8th) as a mentor on Christina Aguilera's team as part of the new season of the The Voice. But in case you thought that the punk rocker was making a special trip out of rehab to join forces with the pop diva, Armstrong actually taped his stints on the show earlier this summer.


  • Do you think Mike Dirnt made the Billie Joe situation sound more serious than it did initially?
  • Do you still think Billie Joe was in the right when he blasted the festival promoters for cutting Green Day's set short?
  • Should Green Day even go out on tour in November, so soon after their frontman gets out of rehab?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Rolling Stone -- agree or not?

Richard wrote: "Billie Joe Armstrong is not very talented. Like so many other pop artists, he seems extraordinarily narcissistic. Is his music good for the people who listen to it? Actually good? My guess is no."

payola wrote: "I know he taped The Voice long ago but this strips Billy of all punk rock cred. Its one thing to sell out in order to sell millions of records but its another to ruin your life by helping host lame talent shows. Wake up Billy, punk's not dead."

CHECK IT OUT: Green Day has released the first new song from the Dos! album, called "Stray Heart." Listen to it at

And here's a new video for the song "Troublemaker":

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