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While Stone Sour and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor was in the running at one point to take over the lead singer position in Velvet Revolver, and even recorded demos with the group, it has been largely forgotten that Taylor was also rumored at one point to be joining a fourth band: the veteran thrash metal act Anthrax. That group parted with short-lived singer Dan Nelson just before recording was scheduled to begin on its latest album, and Taylor reportedly came close to stepping in.


But how close did he actually come? In a new interview with Radio Metal, Taylor explained, "It's one of those things that I would have loved to do, but never had the chance to do it. When they sent me some riffs and some music they had done, I thought it would be fun, not only as a friend but as a fan too, to see where the demos could go after my involvement."

  • Taylor added, "My label forced me out of this project so I wasn't able to do it . . . at first, I was really mad about it, but I let it go after a while. But it would have been interesting to see what Anthrax and I could have done, for sure."
  • Anthrax eventually lured back Joey Belladonna, the singer from the band's "classic" lineup, to work on the album, which was called Worship Music and came out last year.
  • Meanwhile, the first half of Stone Sour's two-disc concept album, House Of Gold And Bones, arrives on October 23rd. The second record is tentatively due out next May.
  • Taylor told us that the band has deployed viral marketing and innovative artwork ideas to make the album a special release: "It was always such a big project that I knew I wanted to really build it from a multi-media kind of point of view. And really just kind of making it fun, you know, and building it towards this crazy event. It's everything I've ever wanted to do in a project, you know, and I love the fact that we're turning the album into an event again."
  • The band has officially announced that former Cavalera Conspiracy bassist Johny Chow is joining the group for upcoming tour duties. Chow replaces Shawn Economaki, who left the band earlier this year for personal reasons. Stone Sour tapped Rachel Bolan of Skid Row to play bass on the album.

Congratulations are in order for Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson and his girlfriend Stacy Riley, who got married on Friday (October 5th).


  • How do you think Corey Taylor would have sounded with Anthrax?
  • Does anyone even remember Anthrax? Would Taylor's involvement have increased their public profile?
  • Was it ludicrous for Taylor to even consider recording with Anthrax, since he's already in two bands and almost joined a third?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

DMhead777 wrote: "I think I speak for everyone when I say thank f***ing god he didn't record anything with Anthrax."

The Man In Black wrote: "Corey: 'I know I'm all big n' famous n' stuff, but I still like to throw the little guys a bone every once and a while. My music is way better than theirs, but I felt like I could help Anthrax out by getting them to not write boring music for once. I care so much for the little people.'"

Forest_Of_October wrote: "A concept album featuring Corey will be very painful to listen too. Vocals, lyrics, yikes!!"

Leonard Rockstein wrote: "Anthrax? I think he meant Nicklehack."

Corey Taylor On Turning New Stone Sour Album Into An 'Event'

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