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Muse keeps insisting that the stage show for its upcoming European trek will feature things like dancing aliens, a giant light-up pyramid and even martial arts performed by a member of the band, according to Drummer Dominic Howard told BBC Newsbeat, "We made this huge upside down pyramid, which is made out of LED screens so we can put visuals on it. Basically this screen moves and can morph into different shapes. It will come down and completely consume me on my drum kit." Howard added that fans will also see "me doing some kung-fu at some point."


Muse's last touring cycle featured a huge stage production, and we asked bassist Chris Wolstenholme about topping it this time out: "Obviously, you know, we want to come out with something that's different, but we want to come out with something that's equally impressive and, you know, that's kind of the difficult part. 'Cause, you know, if you keep pushing the boundaries, at some point you can't push 'em any further, you know. But we'll try (laughs)."

  • Muse frontman Matt Bellamy told the Telegraph that he still thinks the experience of seeing live human beings perform music is an important one, saying, "People will pay money to see someone with a laptop who's done all the experimentation at home and pretty much just hits the space bar. There is a part of us that is definitely clinging to the organic, human side of music, to honor our friendship and the fact that we want to play together in a room."
  • The trio's new album, The 2nd Law, came out this past Tuesday (October 2nd) and is expected to sell between 110,000 and 120,000 copies in its first week of release.
  • Muse has yet to announce North American tour plans behind The 2nd Law, although the band will likely play here in early 2013.
  • The group will be the musical guests on this Saturday's (October 8th) edition of Saturday Night Live, with actor Daniel Craig hosting.


  • Dancing aliens, giant pyramids -- does that sound like a fantastic rock show or a bloated fiasco to you?
  • Overall, do you think bands should put on a show of some kind or just stand there and play?
  • Have you been to see a DJ just stand onstage with a laptop? Would you go to see something like that, or would you rather watch performers play real instruments?

INTERNET COMMENTS at -- agree or not?

Scott Clarke wrote: "Stage setup sounds cool. Just a shame the new material is utter trash."

Supermassive Sam Knowles wrote: "This sounds like typical Muse, can't wait!"

Mark Taylor wrote: "Sounds a bit Spinal Tap. Will there be a scale model of Stonehenge?"

Konya wrote: "Who needs pyramids and other crap on the stage... Just need some great musicians."

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Muse perform at the Glastonbury Festival in 2010:

Muse's Chris Wolstenholme On Topping The Last Live Show

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