David Draiman of Device & Disturbed chats with Markus In The Darkus
Posted 4/8/2013 5:01:00 AM

Got a chance to speak with David Draiman of Disturbed before the new Device CD comes out on Tuesday, April 9th. He shared how the collaboration between he and Geno Lenardo happened. He also shared how he got Tom Morello, Serge Tankian, Glenn Hughes, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, M Shadows and Lizzie Hale, with whom he does a cover of Ozzy & Lita's "Close My Eyes Forever." He also spoke about Geno not touring with Device. Follow Device on FB, here. Check out the Device Website, here. Device will be at the MMRBQ on May 18th, info here.  Thanks for listening, 


Markus In The Darkus 

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