Rival Sons Guitarist, Scott Holiday, chats with Markus
Posted 12/18/2012 5:34:00 AM

Over the weekend, I had a chance to chat with Scott Holiday, guitarist of Rival Sons. This is a band to watch in 2013. We spoke in great detail about the making of the new record, Head Down, How the band formed, came up with a name, their influences, their work ethic, their Rock N Roll philosophy, opening for AC/DC, Evanescence & Alice Cooper, being introduced by Gene Simmons, live shows and more. This is a band who gets Rock N Roll. They have a modern sound with an old school vibe. 

They have an album being released in the USA officially in February 2013 called Head Down. It is available on Itunes now as the album was released in Europe in September. I highly recommend you give it a listen. It is a Dirty Feel Good Booty Shakin' Bluesy Rock N Roll Record with Attitude. What really blew me away was the first time I put Head Down on and Mike Miley's drum beats on the first song, Keep On Swinging, got my attention. Right as my attention was caught by the beat of Mike Miley's drums, Scott Holiday's guitar smacked my upside the head and I was pulled in. Robin Everhart's Bass fills out the groove and then the unique, powerful, old soul voice of Jay Buchanan completes the picture. With other feel good booty shakers on the record like You Want To, Wild Animal (very psych pop), Until The Sun Comes, All The Way and Three Fingers. Along with the beautiful instrumental Nava, The Heist, Jordan, Run From Revelation, Manifest Destiny pt. 1, Manifest Destiny Pt.2 and ending with the beautiful true to end the record. Get more information at their website, here. Find Rival Sons on Facebook


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