West Chester University is committed to providing access to the best educational preparation in today’s global society. To that end, students are exposed to an educational experience that encourages leadership and growth through a variety of rigorous academic and extracurricular programs, including 24 men’s and women’s athletic teams and 233 student clubs and organizations. Faculty are dedicated to teaching and excellence in their fields: Some design innovative courses responsive to the region’s needs, and many enhance classroom experiences with service learning. Undergraduates receive hands-on training on current technology in the sciences and other fields both on campus in state-of-the-art facilities and via internships. Students also are encouraged to be involved in their community and explore its many cultural opportunities. From Learning Communities, where students live and learn in small groups that foster relationships and critical thinking, to extensive library holdings and accessible faculty and administrators, West Chester is an educational experience that prepares its students for a lifetime.

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  • West Chester University
    West Chester University of Pennsylvania
    West Chester, Pennsylvania‎ 19383
    (610) 436-1000‎


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Tips & Info

Here are some things to consider when choosing a school:

  • Public or Private?
    Public schools are mostly paid for by the government and they provide outstanding education at a lower price than private institutions.
    Private colleges are costly but can also offer liberal financial aids.
  • Academic Goals
    Pursue a major or a course that interests you, not just one that will pay good money.
    Evaluate the institution’s facilities and offerings and make sure the school has sufficient resources.
  • Big or Small?
    Schools range from populations of under 5,000 students up to over 50,000 students.
    Consider the following based on your individual personality: class environment, variety of course offerings, campus life, athletics, housing.