Camden County College is one of the largest colleges in New Jersey and one of the most sophisticated in the nation. Recent studies of federal Department of Education data have shown that in addition to ranking among then nation’s top 100 community colleges for overall associate’s degree completion and among the nation’s top ten for associate’s degree completion in education, the College also ranks among the top 50 for associate’s degrees completed in communication technologies/technicians and support services. It also ranks among the top 100 in associate’s degrees completed by African-American students and by non-minority students. Camden County College also was identified as one of the nation’s fastest-growing community colleges in recent years.

The College is recognized nationally as a leader in technology programs such as video game design/development and photonics. In addition, it is acknowledged regionally as a vital resource for transfer education, customized training and cultural events. Because it has maintained one of the lowest tuition rates of any college or university in the state or region while offering such outstanding programming, the College has come to be known as the best higher educational value in the Delaware Valley.

Perhaps most importantly, Camden County College is recognized universally as an institution of higher education that ably fulfills its mission of offering affordable, high-quality education to the individuals and entities it is charged with serving.

Contact Information

  • Camden County College
    Blackwood Campus in Gloucester Township
    P.O. Box 200
    Blackwood, NJ 08012-0200
    (856) 227-7200‎


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Tips & Info

Here are some things to consider when choosing a school:

  • Public or Private?
    Public schools are mostly paid for by the government and they provide outstanding education at a lower price than private institutions.
    Private colleges are costly but can also offer liberal financial aids.
  • Academic Goals
    Pursue a major or a course that interests you, not just one that will pay good money.
    Evaluate the institution’s facilities and offerings and make sure the school has sufficient resources.
  • Big or Small?
    Schools range from populations of under 5,000 students up to over 50,000 students.
    Consider the following based on your individual personality: class environment, variety of course offerings, campus life, athletics, housing.