Geoff Tate: “I Won’t Listen” to the Other Queensryche
By: Troy Frisby

Geoff Tate
’s legal battle with his former Queensryche bandmates has been well-documented.

But regardless of the outcome, he has no interest in listening to any Queensryche that doesn’t have him in it.

When asked about the Queensryche with Todd La Torre’s latest album, Queensryche, while speaking with Smashing Interviews Magazine, Tate said he really had nothing to say.

“Oh, I’m not interested at all,” he tells the magazine’s Melissa Parker. “I haven’t listened to it and won’t listen to it. I really ripped off the rear view mirror, and I’m speeding down the road. I’m not interested in what they’re doing. I spent thirty years with those guys. I know what they’re doing.”

As far as the ongoing legal fight over the band’s name, he reiterated that he and his ex-bandmates would be meeting in court in early 2014.

“We have an actual court date that’s coming up, which I think will be the deciding situation regarding all this,” Tate tells Smashing Interviews. “The whole thing is just a corporate breakup, so it’s a standard procedure and the rules are regulated by the state and federal government.”

For now, Tate is focusing on his new record, Frequency Unknown, and Queensryche has three Mexico shows on the books before heading to McAllen, Texas on December 7.

For more on Queensryche with Geoff Tate, check out the rocker’s official site. Whose side of the Queensryche divide are you on? Let us know in the comments!

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