Linkin Park Releases Music Video for "A Light That Never Comes"
By: Gary Graff

Linkin Park
has rolled out the video for "A Light That Never Comes," its collaboration with EDM artist Steve Aoki that's part of the new LP Recharge Facebook video game and will appear on the upcoming remix album, "Recharged."

The clip was directed by the group's DJ, Joseph Hahn, who's helmed most of the band's videos.

Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda tells us the song was actually one of several he and Aoki worked on together:

"It was really organic...It started with, I think, tweets and direct messages just saying 'Hi'...I don't know how it even, the conversation even started...He doesn't remember, either. We just remember talking, and that led to shooting some files back and forth, and eventually one of those songs just became, it became obvious it was, like, the best one. So we put a bunch more work in on it, and it became this song."

Aoki, meanwhile, says that after starting discussions in 2012 he's thrilled to finally see it come to fruition:

"It was just a time issue; they're always touring, and then, as bands do, they hole up in a studio and star writing the next album. And since I'm touring all the time, the way I produce is pretty much on the road and on the fly. But working with Mike and the whole Linkin Park crew, it was incredible to work with a band that has so much musical history and charisma and color. It was just a great inspiration to work with all these guys, and they're just wonderful dudes."

The "Recharged" album, which includes new mixes of songs from 2012's "Living Things," comes out October 29, and Linkin Park recently entered the studio to start working on its next set of new material.

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