Scott Weiland Says Stone Temple Pilots Will Have to Pay for Use of Name
By: Annie Scaramuzzino

Scott Weiland
is willing to part with the Stone Temple Pilots name, but his former bandmates are going to have to pay!

The rocker recently told a Florida radio station that he and the members of STP are currently “in litigation,” and that because the group didn’t follow protocol for his termination back in February, “they’ll have to buy [him] out” for use of the band name.

“There has to be a reason for letting go a member, you have to give them a certain period of time to deal with it whatever different ways you want them to do. But it's just ridiculous, 'cause they can't use the name with me not being in the band without us coming to an agreement,” Weiland disclosed to Florida’s The Gater.

He continued, “They'll have buy me out of the company, because I have major value in the company and in the brand. So that's where we're at. The lawyers will deal with it.”

Meanwhile, Weiland recently wrapped up a tour with his band the Wildabouts and also has a new solo album in the works.

The rest of Stone Temple Pilots, which is now being fronted be Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, are gearing up for a tour of their own next month, and have an EP scheduled for release this October.

For more on this interview, click here, and be sure to share your thoughts on the ongoing STP battle in the comments section below!

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