Steven Tyler to Undergo Knee Surgery
By: Troy Frisby

“Falling in love is so hard on the knees,” as the Aerosmith song goes, and that statement is proving to be true for frontman Steven Tyler.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Tyler says he’s due for a knee replacement, his latest in a long line of knee surgeries.

“My knee is giving out,” he said. “I had ACL reconstructions, and in November I’m getting knee replacement surgery. It’ll take me about three or four months to recover.”

Though the surgery will probably set him back in recording his solo debut, Tyler is still working on new material with his friend Marti Frederiksen, with whom he has written a number of Aerosmith’s recent hits like “Jaded” and “(It) Feels So Good).”

“I’ve had so many operations on my knees and feet that just to be standing is a miracle,” he told Rolling Stone. “But to turn around and do one of my spins where I don’t fall, that’s the s***! But hey, all these years have taken their toll on me.”

Still, don’t count Tyler out of the game just yet. He says he and his Aerosmith bandmates haven’t even considered taking a “permanent vacation” from performing.

“As long as I can sing, I’m up there,” Tyler promised Rolling Stone. “I know Joe [Perry] wants to keep going. Remember, when one guy goes, it’s not the original band. But as long as Joe and I wanna keep going…Look, we just love to play. Without a doubt, when they colonize the moon, we’ll be up there as a lounge act.

Get the latest on Steven Tyler from the man himself by following him on Twitter @IAmStevenT and head over Aerosmith’s official site for a full list of upcoming performances.

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