Top 5 Rock Songs At Sporting Events

In honor of Opening Day week in Major League Baseball, we will be taking a look at the best rock song that get played at sporting events!  We all know that there are those certain songs that just get you pumped up and ready to rock! Here are our five favorites:

1.  "Thunderstruck"

If you don’t get fired up when you hear this song, you might need to go to a doctor and get checked out! AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” has been played for years at sporting events and will certainly be played for years to come!

2.  "Crazy Train"

Another instant classic at any type of sporting event! We’re sure you’ve heard this Ozzy Osbourne track while waiting for that kickoff to happen or waiting for the puck to drop! Nothing says “Rock” or builds anticipation quite like the opening guitar riff of “Crazy Train”! 

3.  "Welcome to the Jungle"

Play this song through the P.A. system, and you will get any arena cheering their heads off.  Very few songs get a crowd amped up like this Guns N’ Roses standard.

4.  "Wild Thing"

This classic scene from “Major League”, featuring X’s version of The Troggs song “Wild Thing”, changed baseball forever.  After the film’s debut in 1989, it became common practice for relief pitchers to come out of the bullpen to a song of their choosing, which leads us to…

5.  "Enter Sandman"

While this Metallica track will be forever known in the baseball world as the walk-out music for legendary New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, there’s no doubting its ability to rile up any arena.  From its chugging guitars to its powerful backbeat, it can do no wrong.

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