KISS Ultimate Vinyl Box Set, Remasters Set For Release This Year


KISS is really putting every other re-release or box set to shame this year.

In honor of their 40th anniversary, KISS is remastering and rereleasing 28 albums on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl, in addition to KISSTERIA – The Ultimate Vinyl Road Case, which will contain 34 KISS albums and other collectibles.

Only available through, KISSTERIA comes packaged in a miniature road case box and includes 19 studio albums, all “Alive” releases, all four 1978 solo albums and other recordings packaged exclusively in the box set that won’t be released individually.  Collectibles included with the box set include 11 different promo posters, four photo lithographs, a certificate of authenticity with exclusive box number and plenty more.

Of the 28 remastered vinyl albums sold individually, ten titles (Alive, Animalize, Destroyer, Dressed To Kill, Dynasty, Hotter Than Hell, KISS, Lick It Up, Revenge and Unmasked) will be released on April 1st.

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