Tony Iommi: Sabbath Is “Too Busy” to Record


Since it took 35 years for Ozzy Osbourne to reunite with Black Sabbath on a new LP, fans might not want to get their hopes up on an imminent follow-up to 13.

Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi said as much in a post on his official site, which comes just days after the group’s Grammy win.

“Well, the dust has settles on the Grammy’s now, great to win another one but what a palaver… It was good though, plenty of interest in the album still and endless questions about what we’re doing next,” he said.

Iommi added that Sabbath has a number of North American shows before they head overseas, so a new album is nowhere on the horizon.

“Well, it’s shows in the US, Canada, and Europe, so far too busy with that to be thinking about more recording,” he added.

The band will next perform in Brooklyn at the end of March before hitting a slew of Canadian cities and wrapping up with a performance at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl.

From there, it’s on to Abu Dhabi, Russia and onward to Europe. Check out more dates at Black Sabbath’s official page!