5 Mugs Shots That Rock

Go on and admit it. You get some kind of perverse pleasure when you see a celebrity mug shot. It’s OK. You’re among friends.

We’ve compiled five such mug shots, with a Rock twist, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

1. Richie Sambora

Bon Jovi
guitarist Richie Sambora was busted for DUI in Laguna Beach in March of 2008 after his Hummer was seen weaving down the street. After failing several field sobriety tests, he was promptly arrested and taken to the police department, where he posed for the camera, horrible hairdo and all. The rocker was charged with a misdemeanor and released a few hours later. Sambora may not have been “Wanted Dead or Alive,” but he’ll definitely be knocking ‘em dead with his mug shot for years to come.

2. Heather Locklear

A long way away from Melrose Place, Heather Locklear was arrested on suspicion of DUI in 2008. Unlike her former husband, Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, she reportedly had not been drinking or using any illicit substances. However, she didn’t fight a reckless driving misdemeanor after her lawyer claimed the side effects from anxiety medication had made her foggy. The ex-Mrs. Sambora’s picture is one for the ages as she sports the wide-eyed gaze of a little girl and the bad hair that seemed to plague her ex in his mug shot.

3. Kid Rock

In 2007, Kid Rock added to his vast collection of mug shots when he was charged with battery after he and his posse allegedly beat up another customer in a Waffle House. The Michigan native spent 12 hours behind bars in DeKalb County, Georgia before posting the $1,000 bond and going on with his day. Though the scuffle was said to have been started when Harlem DeJon Akins attempted to chat up one of the ladies in Rock’s entourage, we prefer to think Kid Rock blew a gasket because there wasn’t enough strawberry syrup for his waffles.

4. Tawny Kitaen

2002 proved to be quite a year for Whitesnake video vixen Tawny Kitaen, when she was jailed for allegedly abusing her then-husband, Chuck Finley. After having reportedly kicked Finley in the leg, thigh and arm while wearing high-heels, she was released two days later with a no-contact restraining order. Later in the year, she pled not guilty, while Chuck filed for divorce. She may be known for dancing on the hoods of Jaguars, her arrest shows that this Kitaen has claws.

5. Rick Springfield

With a blood alcohol of .10, ‘80s rocker Rick Springfieldwas arrested in May 2011 on suspicion of DUI. It didn’t take long to post his $5,000 bail, but he didn’t walk free before taking a mug shot where he looks a little teary-eyed. Could it be that he’s still torn up over wanting his best friend’s girl and knowing he’ll never get her? The good news? Springfield has a case for best mug shot hair and should start blogging about his conditioning habits immediately.

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