Top 5 Rock & Roll Grammy Moments

Music royalty will be out in force at the Staples Center on Sunday, January 26th for The 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

This will be an interesting year for the Rock categories.   Nominees include Black Sabbath, nominated for three GRAMMYS, Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, Anthrax, Volbeat and many more.

We took a look back at the GRAMMYS at what we think are five Rockin’ moments that deserve to be remembered.

1. Remembering Joe

A few months after the passing of The Clash drummer Joe Strummer, in a hard rockin’ tribute, Dave Grohl, Tony Kanal, Pete Thomas, Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen came together to perform at the 2003 Grammys. It’s good to see the new generation paying tribute to the old, and though they covered “London Calling,” this rockin’ collaboration successfully avoided “the imitation zone.”


2.  The Flute Is A Heavy, Metal Instrument

In 1988, Jethro Tull managed to be more metal than Metallica with… a flute. When Tull’s Crest of a Knave took home the Grammy for “Best Metal Performance” over the admittedly more metal And Justice For All by Metallica, fans were outraged to say the least. But justice was served when Metallica won the Grammy in 1991 with their self-titled Metallica. In accepting the award, drummer Lars Ulrich quipped, "We gotta thank Jethro Tull for not putting out an album this year."


3. The Geniuses Behind American Idiot

2005 proved to be a great year for the band Green Day after dropping the album American Idiot, all they had to do was sit back and watch as the nominations came rolling in. Especially the Grammy nods. The group was up for six awards including “Album Of The Year” and “Record Of The Year,” and managed to snag “Best Rock Album” from the competition. And while the band didn’t win every award they were nominated for, the trio did manage to win the night, ending the show on the highest of notes with a killer performance of their much loved anthem “American Idiot”.


4.  The Return Of KISS

While the Grammys aren’t exactly famous for being innovative when it comes to pairing their presenters, one kooky combination woke the audience up and dragged them out of their award show-induced boredom. Rapper Tupac took the stage in 1996 to present and proceeded to “shock the people” by welcoming KISS to the mic alongside him. While The Demon, Star Child, Space Ace and Catman towered comically over their presenting partner in sky-high platforms, the oddball group somehow managed to work. After 15 long years of being off stage, it only took KISS a few moments to once again prove their awesomeness.


5.  Too Cool To Care

After winning big at the Grammys for “Best Hard Rock Performance,” Pearl Jam took the stage in 1996 to give an acceptance speech that didn’t exactly turn out like everyone thought it would. Instead of the standard, “I’d like my parents, the fans, the label etc.” Eddie Vedder took over the mic and went on what can only be described as an ambivalent ramble. He awkwardly touched on how his father would have been proud but died before Vedder really knew him. He then got on his proverbial soapbox to say that awards are meaningless, probably making everyone in the room uncomfortable. So in the end, Pearl Jam made off with the Grammy, but according to Vedder, it didn’t even matter.

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