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Kailee's Medical Fund

· Online
· Friday, February 28, 2014
· Ongoing

On December 20th Kailee Rose Funke was struck by a Van in front of her Mount Wolf home.  Kailee is the 8 year old daughter of Bill and Autumn Funke.  Kailee suffered a cracked Pelvis, 2 broken legs and a de-

gloving of her left leg.  So far she has received 5 surgeries to repair her broken legs and start the healing process on the badly wounded left leg.  Kailee was hospitalized thru the Holiday Season, and has finally come home last week.  While the prognosis is good for a complete recovery she has a very long and tough road ahead involving months of skin grafts and countless hours of physical therapy.  The Funke’s are a hard working family, but like many of us , they count on two incomes to support their family of four. With the extra care needed for Kailee, they find themselves in a situation where they have to live on one income and can see tough financial times ahead.  Please help us reach our financial goal, and ease their burdun. 

PLEASE VISIT THE WEBSITE www.gofundme.com  and search Kailee Funke to DONATE!!!


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