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· Thursday, October 25, 2012
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I am a local life-long resident and animal rescuer. On Friday, 9/28, my house burned to the ground and 8 of my domestic rescue animals died in the fire. None of my farm animals were killed, but still, we lost so much.  My 30 yrs of rescue work went up in flames and I have no upcoming "event" to promote, because I have no money to throw an event and ask for donations. And by "no money", I mean none. We need EVERYTHING -- a home for all of us, shelter for the farm animals, feed for all the animals (domestic and farm), clothing and shoes for me (I was in my nightgown and bare feet when the fire occurred and I have no clothing at all), and so much more. $50 will provide 100 lbs of  "senior feed" for my elderly horses. $85 will provide a weeks worth of hay for the horses and donkeys. $120 will provide a gallon of fly spray for the horses and donkey (and that gallon will last 3 mths). $30 will provide a 40 lb bag of dog food. $14 will provide timothy hay for the guinea pigs or 50 lbs of chicken scratch. $5 will provide bowls to feed the dogs or money toward new housing and shelter. In addition, two nights after the fire, when the non-existent "house" was vacant, one of my barns was robbed, and I had about $3-4k worth of materials stolen -- most of which were destined to be sold to pay for animal housing or feed. Everything counts, everything is needed, and most importantly, everything is appreciated. Please help us. the website to donate is:   http://www.gofundme.com/Animal-rescue-S-Jersey


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