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39th Annual Marshalton Triathlon

· The Quaint Village of Marshalton - Rt.162/Strasburg Rd. (4 miles west of West Chester)
· Sunday, October 7, 2012
· 8am

39th Annual Marshalton Triathlon on Sunday October 7th  to benefit the all Volunteer West Bradford Fire Company

The Location: the quaint village of Marshalton on Route 162/Strasburg Road, just four miles west of West Chester

The Race: The start and finish lines are in front of the West Bradford Fire House and the Marshalton Inn.  Racers will travel a total of 10 miles over the course.  Pedal the first leg: 2.3 mile bike race, Paddle the second leg: 3.0 mile canoe race (two-person canoes require a partner), Pace the third leg: 2.4 mile fast walk race (disqualification if running during the race), Pedal the fourth leg: 2.3 mile return bike race. 

The race starts at 8:00 on 10/7/12 and heats of 36 racers start off every six minutes.  Registration is $30 per person plus a $5 registration fee.  Racers can register via the website:  http://www.marshaltontriathlon.net/


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