Nickname(s): There's a lot and no one else needs to know them but the people that call me them ;)
Birthplace: Philadelphia
Favorite Rock Band: Too many to Mention - really love Jet though!
Favorite Rock Song: Don't really have a fav but most recent love is Tool, The Pot.
Favorite MMR DJ: They're all so wonderful but my heart is w/ Steve!
Favorite MMR Moment: Either any of the Mixers as they are all always amazing or the Halloween bashes!
The Best thing about being on the MMR Bod Squad: What's not to love! Great music, Great DJs, Great Concerts and Events!
Hobbies: Running, Biking, Tennis, Swimming, Gardening - There's not much I don't like to do.
Little Known Facts about Me: I'm great with power tools! I work with Dog Rescues and my dog and I volunteer at hospitals and rehab centers to visit patients and I can do a real cool David Blane trick :) AND I can hit a speed bag like Rocky!
My Greatest Fantasy: To be a professional dancer (not stripper) or a famous designer and live some where exotic.
My Website: Shannon's Gallery 6abc - Philly Sports 6abc - Philly Weather