Bod Squad - Samantha


Nick Names:  Samsam
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
Favorite Rock Band: I don’t have 1 favorite, my taste is music is a very broad range, but on the top of my list is Tom Petty
Favorite MMR DJ: they are all sweet fellas, but I am going to say Steve, he has been a buddy since before I joined the bod squad, and even adopted one of my kittens!
The Best thing about being on the MMR Bod Squad: It is just a fun job, I love meeting new people, going on adventures, and it is a job that keeps you laughing.
Hobbies: mainly going out with friends, doing crafty stuff, modeling from time to time, and a love for things retro and pinup
Little Know Fact About Me:  I only have 1 dimple, everyone assumes I have 2. 
My Greatest Fantasy: to make out with Jim Parsons
My Website: