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Meet the Bod Squad


Nickname(s): Kiddo, Skinny Mini, Lil Jen, Hey You!
Birthplace: Philly
Favorite Rock Band: Pearl Jam!
Favorite Rock Song: I have 3! In Hiding, Down, and Driftin'.
Favorite MMR DJ: Don't make me play favorites!
Favorite MMR Moment: Laughing so hard during a PnS hottiecam that a blood vessel in my eyeball burst!
The Best thing about being on the MMR Bod Squad: The crew! I seriousy feel like I get paid to hang out with my friends.
Hobbies: Making things. Jewlery, Purses, clothes. . . etc. I'm also an extreme bookworm and I love to write.
Little Known Fact about Me: I can cross my eyes one at a time.
My Greatest Fantasy: I wanna be a rock star. Unfortunately, I have zero musical talent.
My Goal in Life: Just to be happy and to know I brought a smile or two to others.
Websites: 6abc - Philly Sports 6abc - Philly Weather