Nick Names: De
Birthplace: Springfield, Pa
Favorite Rock Band: I love sooo many but my first would be Coldplay.
Favorite Rock Song: "The Best Of You" - Foo Fighters
Favorite MMR DJ: They are all great especially Preston & Steve! A special thanks to Steve for discovering me!
The Best thing about being on the MMR Bod Squad: The crew and being able to meet the most amazing fans!
Hobbies: Creating things, cooking/baking, watching Philly sports, and anything that involves adrenaline.
Little Know Fact About Me Im half Italian and half Irish- not Swedish like alot of people think, haha! I love to make people smile and laugh and I try to live for the moment. I'm so drawn to those who have the courage to act on their dreams- Shine Your Light!
My Greatest Fantasy:  To bring my fantasies to reality. They're two separate existences but combined together, we can achieve so much!
My Website:!/XtremeHygiene 6abc - Philly Sports 6abc - Philly Weather