Nick Names: Baby Log (it's a long story)
Birthplace: Swarthmore, Pa
Favorite Rock Band: Kings of Leon
Favorite Rock Song: I can never say what my favorite song is, it changes every day.
Favorite MMR DJ: I absolutely love them all, but Jacky Bam Bam has a special place in my heart 
The Best thing about being on the MMR Bod Squad: Everything is great. I love meeting new people all the time, working at such fun events, and always doing new things, but nothing can beat the fact that I work with the most amazing group of people on planet earth!
Hobbies: Interior designing, concerts/any live music, bonfires, BBQs, modeling, window shopping, anything involving my friends and family.
Little Know Fact About Me I have crazy obsessions with penguins and Harry Potter.
My Greatest Fantasy: To travel to Antarctica to hang out with 4' tall penguins and bring one home as my pet. 
My Website: (under construction at the moment!) 6abc - Philly Sports 6abc - Philly Weather